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About Maeera's Studio LLC

Maeera's Studio LLC, established in 2021, is a creative outlet for it's owner - me. Think...audiobook... Audiobook narration is precisely what I do at Maeera's Studio LLC! 
At Maeera's Studio LLC, I have the ability to provide, at a low cost, professional narration and production of a wide variety of text, including multiple genres. The end result is complete and concise.  For additional information, view the Rates page of this site. If you would like to know more about me and the creation of Maeera's Studio LLC, please keep reading.
I was once a successful single mom and IT project manager for the government when, one New Years Eve I woke up with a portion of my body numbed by what I later would find out to be - Multiple Sclerosis.  GREAT!!  Now what!? Who wouldn't think those things?  Well, after almost eight years since my diagnosis, I have learned a lot and have had to make significant life changes resulting in my family also having to make changes.  I believe, this all led to my daughter calling me about something she had learned - an opportunity to become a professional narrator.  She knew I had more availability since retiring and, had once been a Reader for the State of Michigan.  So, she called me and I checked it out... Audiobook narration.  Hmm...  Wow!  Why I hadn't I thought of it sooner!? And so, my journey began.  Almost one year later - to the date - I opened Maeera's Studio.  WOW!!  


The adventure thus far has been nothing short of fun, and trying. No matter what, I am SO excited to be going down this path and am looking forward to every moment ahead!!  Yes, even the negative ones.  It's all part of it, right. And so, what was once a mere thought, has now become tangible. Welcome to Maeera's Studio LLC!! I look very forward to hearing all about your next project!

Maeera's Studio LLC has only just begun! So, please be patient with me as my Samples and Testimonials grow! 
Subscribe. Stay informed. Stay tuned.

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