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                                          Maeera’s Studio LLC Data Collection Informed Consent

  1. Purpose. Welcome to Maeera’s Studio LLC (“MS” or “studio”). A (audiobook) narration and production company owned and operated by a single individual. MS is here to provide the client ("you" or "client") with professional narration and production from start to finish. In order to accomplish this task, MS website uses third-party cookies:

    • To provide a great experience for visitors and clients.

    • To identify subscribed members (users who subscribe to the MS site).

    • To monitor and analyze the performance, operation, and effectiveness of the third-party platform.

    • To ensure the third-party platform is secure and safe to use.

  2. Subscription. By subscribing to MS, you agree to share your email address. A MS subscription provides the client with advance notice of studio events, progress, and specials. The client’s email address will never be shared or sold for any reason.

  3. Quote. By requesting a quote from MS, the client agrees to share certain personally identifiable information including: 1) First Name, 2) Last Name, 3) Email address, and 4) Telephone Number (landline or mobile phone). This information is used for the sole purpose of responding to the client’s request for a MS quote. Client information will never be shared or sold for any purpose. Client information may be used during future communications or promotions from MS. Requesting a quote does not generate a contract with MS.

  4. Data Use and Retention. Data (personally identifiable information) will be used by MS for obtaining copyright permissions, if necessary, and for the purposes as described above in sections 2 and 3. Data retention is currently – indefinite. This means there is currently no retention guideline implemented for purging historic client records at this time as there are no historic client records.

  5. Data Storage and Protection. Data is stored on a single notebook owned and operated by one-user at MS. The notebook is protected by built-in fingerprint and PIN protection. It is also routinely scanned for malware, viruses, and/or attempted hacks. Data is regularly encrypted and backed up onto a 4T hard drive that is stored securely. Data protection is insured by using two-step verification and a Virtual Private Network 24/7 all year.

  6. Request to Delete Data or Opt Out. If you wish to have your personally identifiable data stored at MS deleted (or to Opt Out), please email MS at The subject of your email should be “Request Data Delete” and should include your first name, last name, email address, and telephone number so that MS can validate your request against stored MS data. Your request to delete data will be fulfilled within 72 business hours. A confirmation receipt will not be provided, unless requested.

  7. Questions. If you have questions, please email MS at The subject of your email should be “Questions” and should include your question and any additional relevant information. You will receive a response within 72 business hours.

  8. Samples. Digitally recorded material featured at MS will never expose personally identifiable information, unless previously agreed upon per a signed (by both parties) MS contract.

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