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Welcome to 2022! Maeera's Studio LLC has reopened after a long winter's nap and, I am ready to get down to business. Auditions have been downloaded, reviewed, and are primed for narration and production. Wish me luck folks! It is going to be the BEST year yet!!

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It's going to be a GREAT year! Maeera's Studio LLC is back in action and hoping to make a splash! Stay tuned. Stay informed. Subscribe!

Recently, Maeera's Studio LLC made a trip to the great outdoors of northern Michigan to test studio portability. The bad news - additional soundproofing will be required. The good news - TESTING PASSE

Well, it's been a stellar summer so far for Maeera's Studio LLC! I hope your summer has been great too! Stay tuned! Stay informed! Maeera's Studio LLC is planning to ramp things up this fall!

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